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Reply Dennis Ward
6:05 PM on February 16, 2019 

Hi Col,

Please get in touch via email or my phone 0402321833 for info re birdseed shortfall this year, trying to share this info around


Reply Alicebitte
7:26 PM on January 9, 2019 
Reply Miss Diane Wood
7:35 PM on August 21, 2018 

Miss Di Wood

18 Downside Cres



West Yorkshire


United Kingdom


Dear All

I am Di and I run an aviary for rescued budgies and employ 1,000 staff who are unpaid and have either a mild learning difficulty or have mental health problems I have 20 aviaries in my house, rear garden, side garden and backyard.  I urge people to send loose only donations from twenty to twenty thousand pounds as we are struggling for funding due to the recession we can only accept money via registered or recorded post I BEG OF PEOPLE TO DONATE GENEROUSLY PLEASE PLEASE DO we receive no government funding so I hope for loads of nice dosh.  I HOPE LOADS PASS ALL MY DETAILS AND ADDRESS ON in an unending chain  I urgently need any crested pedigree show budgerigars only please in any colour and they must come with donated cage, toys, seed and water pots, grit, cuttlefish, millet, iodine block, budgie seed, millet, honeysticks and lots of Trill budgie seed and any small electric new fan heaters that must be small and in good working order and with fitted plug all items must be delivered without notice and free of charge anytime from 25th August 2018 .  All budgies must be no older than six months to eighteen months and all must be girls and come in quadruples and come in budgie cages, show budgies and pet shop bird cages.  I ask pet shops, budgie breeders and the general public if they've preloved budgies they can no longer keep due to allergies or downsizing or moving aviary budgies more than welcome and any electricity retailers who can donate small new fan heaters with plugs I URGE TO HELP SO EVERYONE PLEASE PLEASE DONATE I BEG OF YOU AND DIG DEEP INTO YOUR POCKETS OR BUDGIES AND ACCESSORIES NOT SUITABLE FOR SELLING DUE TO OVER STOOKING WE DON'T ACCEPT FEATHER DUSTER BUDGIES I HOPE thousands will pass my address on to anyone who can help I look for thousands of postal replies and urgent deliveries I beg, beg, for everyone interested who can to get involved


A big thank you love hugs and kisses Diane

Reply Smithd819
4:26 AM on March 29, 2018 

Hello, i think that i saw you visited my site so i came to return the favor.I am trying to find things to enhance my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!! gedkdfbbgaaagddd

Reply Miss Diane Wood
12:38 PM on January 14, 2018 
Dear Col I am Diane and I live at 18 Downside Crescent Allerton Bradford West Yorkshire BD15 7LE and I am looking for any donations of healthy only and young adult exhibition mop head and crested budgies in unusual colours or multicoloured must be hens and a minimum of twenty with a free large spacious cage, toys, seed, grit, millet, honey bells and sticks, cuttlefish, iodine blocks, nestboxes, seed and water pots, vitamin drops, moulting tonic, Avol for loose bowel movements in budgerigars, and budgie books and all must be free and delivered free of charge anytime and without notice and I ask lots who can help to pass my requirements and address on very urgently and I need budgies very urgently and postal penpals of any age who keep budgies and my email address is [email protected] Thank you very much Diane
Reply Belinda Earle
5:54 AM on May 25, 2016 

Hi would love to see any budgies you have available for purchase :D

Reply Tony
6:50 PM on November 21, 2015 

Looking for two males do you have breeders for sale

Reply nicholas
10:55 PM on January 17, 2015 

My son Nicholas joined this morning at the auction day. we forgot to ask about rings as we need some 2015 rings. also nick is interested in purchasing a few young or nest birds to start he showing season with . we have 6 basic budgies he has breed with 2014 rings on. nick would like to see some from your aviary and would like some help in deciphering what he has breed.. if we sent photos would that be ok

Thankyou kind regards Angela Georgopoulos

Reply G.Des & Myra Petersen
10:17 PM on September 30, 2014 

When starting out on this journey , I was expecting  a more enthusiatic help , in purchasing our foundation stock . This has been , a non event. Sure , One would expect that ,  We should get out there and source our initial purchases .We know nobody , for one , First of all We want to be sure the hobby will be rewarding in all aspects and the commoradery is enthusiastic , as In my experience I have been in many bird clubs .With our /My enthusiastic approach to Our Hobby I have taken on , the self appointed position of the Greeter to New Members with a resposibility of making NM's feel welcome/appreciated from day 1  , probally ,over doing it in some cases , like donating good  birds , to get started.,as in the sport of racing pigeons new comers do not stay very long , if they cannot get their pigeons home , this is the exciimment. To ensure this NM's need help to the point of making a newsence of one's self , to ensure their birds are fit and well to complete their task tio mke it home .People I have helped with my  pigeons or sbsequence purchases have gone onto be placed in $10,000 Gympey One Loft Races  ,This is my reward  ,so they have had the proper grounding,in which is a very tough hobby , if you do not get some help in the first place. Perfiormance is the order of the day without question ,Looks tell you nothing at the end of the , you may have a Black Cavier in your loft and it does happen I gifted a new flyer a Nestling which in his first year won him a 700 mile race and the new flyer ran 2nd in his club and 2.on points in a Combine of a number of clubs , in his first yearNM's ,you have to hold their hands ,until they start beating you .Then you know you have told them too much.Just joking. Such is the help I recieved also , so it was up to Me to help Other which is a great privledge.Think about it. A site must be properly maintained , if the site is to grab a new Member .I kid you  not.I  make no appology for my frankness. At 83 years old I feel I have contrbuted  . I feel I have brought enthusiasm into my Clubs as they  have done for Me/Us ,To say otherwise is not helpful , lrethargy  only gives a dull respose to Newcomers .No offence is intended , however I like to step off on the right foot.I hope my comment do not offend as it is not my intention. Des . I welcome  critism if it is warrented .I hve big shoulders  this has been my teaching from My first day out of colledge and it has stood me in great stead. Des/Myra.


Reply Scott
11:33 PM on February 9, 2014 

Hi Col,

I bred budgies for 10 years but have not kept them for around 15 years now.  I always purchased mine from show breeders in NSW (where I lived at the time) because I liked the quality of them rather than the usual pet shop/backyard quality.  Although i never went to or entered shows.  Mainly wanting to know if you have any for sale at present and possibly a visit for some advice before/if I take up the hobby (in a small way) again.

Could you please respond via e-mail only.



Reply Bill
10:48 PM on January 6, 2014 

Enjoyed your site, as I'm looking to breed a few budgies & will look to join a local club.

thanks again, Bill

Reply Amanda
5:38 AM on May 6, 2013 

Well done on the website :)

Reply Angie
6:50 AM on October 7, 2012 

Thank you Col for opening my eyes to just how wonderful it is to have and breed budgies which is what Im hoping to do. I have had 3 hens and 3 cocks given to me from a breeder that also shows them. I have also gone and brought 2 more hens that I really liked. I know one of the hens is Albino but other than that I am not sure of the others variety types I would love to be able to send some pictures of them to you via email if you would be happy to try to identify them for me if that would be ok with you. Look forward to hearing from you, Angie 

Reply Duane Lumsden
5:24 AM on September 25, 2012 

An informative and easy site to map.

Im currently just getting back into keeping, caring and breeding this wonderful specie.

I live in the Ipswich area and hope to register for the Ipswich Budgie Society in the near future.

At present I have 4 breeding cages, a simple set up yet just building things back up.

I currently have 2 pairs together in one good size breeding cage and now it is just a matter of letting things take its course. Im still not sure of what type of budgie I have, they are of good size and colour. I would love someone to tell me exactly what I have so I can plan what is expected.

Any thing that you could assist with I would be very greatful.

8:24 PM on October 13, 2011 

Hi Col !Just had a look at your Budgies collection.Fantastic, beautiful colours & a good varietyof different breeds.As I know you have always been a LOVER FOR FEATHERED BIRDS.Good Luck. DAPHNE